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Our Focus

The guiding principle for the creation of the Ohio Code Enforcement Official Association is the promotion of excellence amongst the individuals representing our profession across the State and more importantly the preservation of safe housing and communities for our residents.

The following opportunities represent our organization's core methods for meeting those goals - but being member-led we always welcome input on possible training topics and speakers, just send an email to any trustee.

Quarterly Education Meetings

Held quarterly, we provide a full 4 hours of training in a variety of areas of interest and need for our members.  These meetings are held at the Der Dutchman Restaurant & Conference Center in Plain City, Ohio, and include a light breakfast and delicious lunch.  We try to schedule these training classes to allow our members from across the state to attend and still get back to their respective communities in a reasonable time. 

Meeting attendance fees are reduced for members at $40 per session; Non-Members are assessed a $75 fee per session.


A new technology-focused venture, we hope these Webinars will provide a series of 1 hour live and pre-recorded trainings that recognizes our responsibility to meet the needs of our members and our role as a leader in quality education for code enforcement staff. 

Meeting attendance fees are reduced for members at $10 per session, while Non-Members will be required to pay $25 for access.

Co-Sponsored Trainings

Throughout the year, OCEOA partners with other eduction agencies in providing joint/co-sponsored training opportunities.  One recent example includes 'Legal Aspects of Hoarding' a class held presented in Cleveland, Ohio, in partnership with the Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County and the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging.  


Similar legal aspects and social work/mental health programs serve to educate our members and foster cross-discipline collaboration and understanding.  By recognizing our shared need for training we are able to build relationships on both local and state-wide topics.

New Code Officer Academy

A first in 2017, OCEOA will provide a three day seminar designed to educate and train new code enforcement officers on the overall administration, interpretation, and enforcement of local health, housing, zoning, and safety codes.  Included in this program is an opportunity to take the ICC Certification test for Property Maintenance & Housing Inspectors and the correlating testing materials are included.

The final meeting site and dates are subject to change, but this event will likely be held in Central Ohio during the late spring; and the costs will include light breakfast and lunch.  Overnight accommodations are not included.  Attendance fees are $500 per registrant.

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